My Dream
Someday I had this fantasy dream about escaping form a time and space disorder. I tried to illustrate the imaginative atmosphere and explore the inner thought reflected in the dream.
After falling asleep, I was running in a desert..
I escaped to a car and travelled 10 years time in a sleep. Then we went to the square, where I met my friend:

She asked me: Can you help me decide where to go?

Desert, cars, friends, travelling time, choices, again and again.

I was circling in this time loop.

When I realised that I'm trapped, I met a friend.

She said: I can bring you out of this circle because my time goes backwards...

We walked together on a magical way... I remember railways...and something like rainbow. And then, the cord of time broke down...

I walked back home.

Sit at the table I remembered having breakfast here with my (dream) father. However, then when I looked up, I saw the clock on the wall was going counterclockwise...

I woke up after seeing the clock going backwards. I loved the fantasy part of the dream... As well as I see it like a mirror, seeing so many reflections of my reality in the dream...

“I imagine there’s randomness behind the complicated machine, and deep in its dream, it’s repeatedly looking at human again and again.”
Inspired by the machine learning process:

(picture from web)